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Tile Roof cleaning required by your Homeowners Association?

Homeowners associations (HOA’s) are increasingly sending out letters to homeowners requiring them to clean their tile roofs…..or else.

Why me you say? While it may seem random, the homes with roof sections that face north, and are visible from the street, are easy targets for the HOA police. These roof sections will be the ones with the most visible roof moss/algae because they get the least amount of sun. The lack of sun promotes the growth and spread of the roof moss/algae. West facing roofs will have the second most visible growth.

Clean it correctly! The more responsible HOA’s will just say to ‘clean’ your tile roof. They won’t tell you ‘how’- in order to avoid potential liability for themselves. However, we have seen several HOA letters recently that say “pressure wash, or power wash your roof”. This is the worst thing you can do to clean a tile roof and most times will cause more damage for you.

The solution is to softwash it. Softwashing a tile roof involves the use of specialized equipment to apply eco-safe and 100% biodegradable liquids, in a non pressure way. Most times this can be done from the roof edge with no walking on the tiles. It’s a very quiet, precise, surgical spray treatment that will kill the moss/algae at the microscopic root-something pressure washing wont do.

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