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Why pressure wash and paint when you can simply Softwash?

CSUSA pony wall BEFORE softwash Goleta CSUSA pony wall AFTER softwash Goleta

Too often, decision makers believe the only remedy for dirty, nasty, moldy objects on their property is to pressure wash and paint. This involves noisy pressure washers, incredible amounts of wasted water and mess, followed by painters camping out for days to weeks on the property. Frankly, this is old school thinking and is wasted time, wasted resources and wasted money!

Softwashing is a better solution. These before/after photos show a pony wall recently softwashed at an apartment complex in Goleta California. The process took approximately one hour. The application is almost completely silent (softwashing equipment is 12 volt vs pressure washing equipment that uses gasoline and diesel engines).  Additional benefits included:

  • Time savings- instant ‘turn’ results for the apartment management. (no waiting on painters)
  • Money savings (no painter needed)
  • Beautiful results immediately for the tenants
  • Water savings (dramatic)
  • Longer lasting result as mold/algae is killed at root system (pressure washing does not kill the roots)
  • No property damage caused by destructive pressure washing

Best of all, all softwashing products used are 100% biodegradable and completely eco-safe. For more information on softwashing by Coastal Softwash USA, please visit our website at CoastalSoftwashUSA.com or call us directly at 310-734-1434 or 805-678-0703.