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Drought compliant cleaning equipment & technology

Coastal Softwash USA continues to invest in today’s latest technological advances and state of the art equipment. Eco-safe products along with this specialized softwashing equipment delivers exterior cleaning and sanitizing using just 1/3 the water of standard pressure washing.  Roofs, siding, windows, homes, buildings, concrete, gutters, solar panels……..you name it, softwashing is cheaper, faster, quieter and lasts longer.

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Coastal Softwash USA has been awarded the AsktheSeal.com Seal of Security and Confidence

Released on: Thursday, April 16, 2015
Only companies with the highest standards of customer service and consumer safety are awarded the Seal of Security and Confidence.
Coastal Softwash USA has been awarded the AsktheSeal.com Seal of Security and Confidence, a prestigious designation only awarded to top companies who meet the consumer advocate’s stringent guidelines concerning quality, customer service and consumer safety.
Coastal Softwash USA provides drought ordinance compliant roof and exterior cleaning services to the Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties of California.
“Very few companies meet all of our quality benchmarks concerning the company and personnel,” said AsktheSeal.com founder Edward Marchiselli. “The fact that Coastal Softwash USA went through the process and has been awarded the Seal of Security and Confidence is a testament to its commitment to customer satisfaction and safety.”
Companies with the AsktheSeal.com Seal of Security and Confidence have met stringent requirements including verification of license, insurance and customer service record. They have committed to allow AsktheSeal.com to perform annual criminal background checks on all employees who interact with the public or their personal information.
Companies with the Seal of Security and Confidence can initiate an email from AsktheSeal.com with an employee’s photo and verification of criminal background check so their customer knows who they are opening the door for. The employees also wear photo IDs further verifying their annual background checks.
AsktheSeal.com is a consumer advocacy company and website based in Tampa, Fl. The peace of mind that AsktheSeal.com provides is priceless and is therefore free to consumers. Consumers depend on AsktheSeal.com to learn how to select the best and safest company for the job and to find companies with the Seal of Security and Confidence. Companies depend on AsktheSeal.com to distinguish them from corner cutting competitors who pretend to offer the same safety and quality standards.


Mostly unknown on the West Coast, Soft Washing has been used extensively and successfully throughout the East Coast for decades. It is simply a cheaper, faster, safer way to clean and sanitize exterior surfaces. Soft washing is also Drought Ordinance compliant and meets all Clean Water Act requirements. Soft Washing is used extensively at theme parks (Disneyworld), sports stadiums, on cruise ships and even children’s playgrounds. In the residential marketplace, this method is best used for Roof Cleaning, House Washing, Deck Cleaning, Fence cleaning and in some cases cement cleaning. Because of the damage that pressure washing (also known as power washing) can do to exterior surfaces, the soft wash process of using highly effective eco-safe cleaning detergents, 100% biodegradable chemicals, and very low pressure water was developed. The softwash system not only cleans better, but also is used to treat and sanitize the surfaces as well. It gets rid of the schmutz! The end result is the mold and bacteria are killed at the roots which prohibits it from returning for many years.
With Softwashing, custom blended cleaning solutions are applied to the surface by use of special, low pressure pumps. The pressure is about the same as what would be seen coming from a garden hose. It is the cleaning solution that does all the work. Whereas, with the use of a power washer, it is the pressure of the water stream that is trying to do the cleaning but is usually damaging the surface at the same time. Soft Washing cleans and brightens without the abrasive, water wasting damage of a pressure-washer.
So whether you’re a realtor looking to impress your client on how to instantly improve their homes curb appeal, or maybe you’re a property manager that wants to separate your company from its competition, or even, perhaps you’re just a homeowner- concerned that the ugly, dirty, nasty schmutz (yuk!) you see on your property could be affecting your families health. Whatever the case-softwash is the answer. “Got Schmutz?”