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Wood deck cleaning- Softwash vs. pressure wash

Wood deck cleaning- Softwash vs. pressure wash

Wood deck cleaning- Softwash vs. pressure wash

Coastal Softwash USA recently completed a successful wood deck cleaning by utilizing the softwashing technique instead of traditional, old school, damaging pressure washing. More property owners are now deciding that when it comes to wood deck cleaning- Softwash vs. pressure wash, which is best? Simple answer- Pressure washing today, should only be used on concrete, brick, stone, driveways, pool decks etc.

This beach front homeowner was tired of the mold/algae, dirt and grime that her kids and grandchildren regularly tracked inside her home from this backyard, beach front wood deck. To avoid using excessive water and/or leave pressure washing ‘wand marks’ on the wood surface-softwashing was selected as the best solution. Using battery operated equipment (no loud gasoline engines), and eco-safe, 100% biodegradable products, Coastal Softwash USA was able to clean and sanitize the entire deck safely and effectively. Best of all the mold/algae was killed at the microscopic root which will provide a longer lasting clean.

Softwashing is Drought Ordinance compliant and uses up to 70% less water than traditional pressure washing. It also meets all  requirements and regulations of the Clean Water Act and safely sanitizes all surfaces at the same time. Softwashing has been used for many decades on the East coast and is gaining popularity now on the West coast. This is especially true in coastal communities and communities that experience the marine layer on a regular basis. Even inland homes with north and west facing roofs are experiencing significant mold growth now and can benefit by softwashing.

Additional concrete walkways and the driveway on this beach home received a softwashing treatment first and then a pressure wash which completed the project.

Softwashing is not the answer for all exterior cleaning requirements. Sometimes pressure washing is necessary. Customers should understand the differences and utilize the services and advice of a company that can provide either method.

Coastal Softwash USA provides pressure wash and softwash services in Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.