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Pressure wash, softwash for ash removal? With all of the recent fires here in Southern California, a new, frequently asked question has emerged- Is it better to pressure wash or softwash my property to get rid of all of the ash? The answer is clearly softwash. For full disclosure, our business is still dominated by pressure wash services- but for ash removal, softwashing is the way to go. Here’s why;

  • A  pressure washing wand is pushing out water using very high air pressure (psi) to clean (by cutting). Just outside and behind the water spray is incredible air turbulence. Think about a mini tornado on steroids. What happens is the ash is blown everywhere. This is even worse than using a leaf blower.
  • Softwashing on the other hand uses eco-safe,100% biodegradable soaps and liquids to clean. It’s applied using non-pressure eco-friendly 12 volt pumps and is then simply rinsed with garden hose pressure. It’s a very precise, quiet, surgical approach that also sanitizes.

The best approach for complete and comprehensive ash removal is a complete gutter cleaning, a house or building wash, exterior window cleaning and finish with a thorough softwash and rinse of all patios decks, pool decks, driveways etc.

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