Pressure Wash · Softwash


Soft Wash in Action

Beautiful example of our softwash process restoring the original appearance of old, ugly and dirty wood fence.

Dirty Roof = Cancelled Insurance Policy

Insurance companies threaten policy cancellation for dirty roofs because of potential mold claims and mold destroying roofs.

The Pitfalls of Pressure Washing

Obviously an extreme example but this video shows how destructive pressure washing can be. Why take the risk? Softwash instead!

Roof Algae Health Concerns

While people like to say that dirty roofs lower a property’s value and may make it hard to sell, the “dirt” on a roof actually shortens its life span and can even present a health hazard. Read More


Playing With Danger: Germy Playgrounds

Kids love to climb, slide, play and swing and some parents worry about the cleanliness of playground equipment. Read More

Our Competition

Well……maybe not, but someone hired these guys, right?☺